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2017 Quinta das Relvas, YETI (Portugal)
2016 Fiera del Libro di Bra (Italy)

Books & magazines

2018 Visages du Monde –– Amaterra (France)
2018 Una volta era un Paese –– Effedi (Italy)
2018 Dai, racconta – SeiEditrice (Italy)
2018 Alfemminile (Italy)
2017 Leggere in tutti i sensi –– Pearson (Italy)
2017 Cosebelle Magazine (Italy)
2014 Stew Magazine (UK)


2018 Télérama, Selection cadeaux de Noel
2017 Fete de l'encre (Italy) 

Tamara is an illustrator based in Amsterdam,
with almost 10 experience in the creative industry.

She was born in Sarajevo, bred in Italy and has traveled the world studying, working and cutting her creative teeth.

In 2018 she's published her first documentary book, Visages du Monde, a visual atlas about 50 ethnic minorities, written in French. Her publisher might have given her a huge help on that impossible spelling.

She's also worked as an Art Director for shootings, Visual Designer at Publicis, drawn live for Moleskine at Milan Design Week and worked on commissioned illustrations. She has an entrepreneurial mind, used mainly to create and develop a service based on live drawing weddings.

She can fluently speak 5 languages and is now learning the 6th. In her spare time, she loves playing with her cats Juno and Raviolo and saving her houseplants from them. 

Clients include Kings of Convenience, Moleskine, Slow Food, Chicco, FCA, 
Kimberly-Clark, Carioca –– and her in-laws.

Fun facts

She lived in 8 countries and over 50 apartments.

She ate a whole 500g Nutella jar in one afternoon, apparently without any aftermath.
She published a text in La Stampa (daily paper in Italy) when she was 11. 
She hitchhiked for 2000 km at -5°C.
She worked as a University professor at 22.
She printed a satirical cartoon about the Principal on 500 t-shirts and sold them all to the other high school students.
She photo modeled for a wedding gown catalog in Vietnam.
She started working at age 14 and has never stopped since.

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